Small Business

Frustrated with inhouse logistics

Your business is now stable and profitable, and you do your logistics in-house, hiring your own drivers and buying your own trucks. But you're in a permanent "fire-fighting" mode. 

Your drivers frequently don't turn up for work, so you often end up doing the deliveries yourself. And when they do show up, they have bad attitude, forcing you to deal with customer complaints. Your customers are unhappy; you are unhappy.

You rent a small warehouse to store your goods, but it's very expensive. Besides having to pay high rental, you also need to buy a forklift and hire a warehouse man. 

You're afraid to grow, because if you rent another unit, your warehousing cost immediately doubles. But if a recession hits, you can't scale it down because you have already signed a fixed lease of at least 2 years.

If this describes your situation, then hesitate no longer. Outsource your logistics to us, and leave those problems behind! Talk to us today!