Large Corporation

Logistics Manager

You are the logistics manager of a large company, distributing goods island wide. But with there is constant pressure from the top to reduce costs and/or improve Return-on-Investment (ROI). You also need to figure out how to scale your operations when business is good, and reduce cost when business is bad. How can you achieve all these?

Outsourcing is one of the best ways. Selling off your trucks and outsourcing deliveries to a 3rd Party Logistics Company ("3PL") will reduce your asset base, thereby increasing your ROI.

If you buy or lease a fixed warehouse space, you will find scalability a problem. It's either you have 1 warehouse, 2 warehouses, or no warehouse at all. There is no in-between. But if you outsource to a 3PL and pay storage on a per cubic-meter ("CBM") basis, scalability is a lot easier to achieve because it is pay-as-per-use.

Or you could already be using a 3PL, but that 3PL is providing a poor service, or keeps increasing your rates every year.

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